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Private training with TAKEOFF can be accessed as a team, small group, or in an individual setting. Each private program is tailored to the specific needs of each athlete based off of a skill evaluation or key components of a specific sport. Private training curriculum consists of customized on-field workouts built from your Bio-Blueprint evaluation. Your private training will also include weekly homework assignments paired with hydration and game preparation guidelines used by our most successful TAKEOFF athletes. Schedule your private training with one of our specialists today but first get your Bio- kinetic Blueprint for your tailored program.

Program Objectives:

  • Sport Specific Skill Assessments
  • Bio-Blueprint Tailored Program
  • Teams, Small Groups, or 1 on 1
  • Hydration and Game Preparation Guidelines
  • Weekly Homework Assignments

Age Groups


2nd - 5th Grade 


6th - 8th Grade 


9th - 12th Grade 

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